Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday A.O.M Cosmetics, Inc.!

(My Family and Support System)

Happy birthday A.O.M Cosmetics, Inc.!
5 years ago today, on January 26, I made my dream come true. With a lot of work, trial and error, and research I officially launched my own hand made natural cosmetics company. I call my business A.O.M Cosmetics, Inc. I honestly started by addressing a need of my oldest daughter Ava. When she was about 4 or 5 months old, she developed a rash on her tushie that just would not go away by any normal means. I thought maybe she had an infection so I took her to her doctor. He said that her skin is reacting to something that I am using such as lotion, powder, laundry detergent, or oil. So he suggested that I change what I am using or try something “natural”. My husband and I went to our local health food store to see what they had that would help. The sales lady recommended this natural rash cream that had aloe, vitamin e and other good organic things. My husband and I were impressed but there was one thing that we did not like…it cost $18.00 for less than one ounce! According to the directions, I would have to apply the cream to the affected area twice a day. With that much use, I would run out of it before I see any results. Frustrated and desperate to give my baby some relief, I started to look online about any other alternatives. Then I came across a few sites that offered instructions on how to make bath and body products yourself! I purchased the raw materials and started experimenting, finally coming up with my own recipe that finally worked! Within three days my baby’s rash was gone and her skin was soft, smooth and healed. I called it “tushie balm”. I quickly recommended it to any other new mother I knew that had a similar situation. Then I invited my friends over to show them how I made the “tushie balm” and one of them said, “This is so great, why don’t you sell it”? With my husband’s support and my children’s inspiration, I created a line of natural products for babies. I called it “so precious” I created gift bags that included my all famous “tushie balm”, baby bath, baby lotion, baby oil, and talc free baby powder. I started giving them as gifts at baby showers, then eventually I started selling them online.
With the success of “So Precious”, I started to research mineral makeup. Once I learned of its natural healing properties, and versatility, and the fact that it can be hand crafted, I gave it a try. I too was among the many women who had trouble finding my perfect shade for my complexion. The commercial bran foundation was too dark, too light, or too red, or too goopy and felt heavy. I have oily skin and acne which causes acne scarring (dark brown spots and uneven skin tone) and sometimes when I found a shade that I absolutely loved, the company discontinued it. I didn’t wear eye shadow for years because I didn’t know how to apply it properly, especially the “Smokey eye” look. Now I no longer bother buying my makeup in the stores because I have my own custom blend and I can come up with an endless arsenal of colors for myself and other unique, one of a kind products. Once I came up with the perfect recipes on January 26 2006 I created A.O.M Cosmetics, Inc. And launched a website, and an Etsy store. I give the same personalization and quality to all of my clients that I wish that I had years ago.
I use only the finest, most natural ingredients in all of my products. My products are all chemical free natural minerals and are actually good for the skin. I blend fresh natural materials to create recipes for my handmade cosmetics. Everything from lipstick to foundation to mascara and even nail polish! You can have your lipstick match your nail polish, or your favorite shirt; the possibilities are endless when you have your products handmade!
I call my services “The A.O.M Experience” because women really haven’t experienced having their makeup custom blended and created for them in minute’s right before their eyes! I can create personalized color palettes for each individual whether it is for a special occasion or for everyday. I give the utmost personalization to each of my clients and fulfill their cosmetic needs. When you book an A.O.M experience I can meet with client’s one on one or in a group setting and demonstrate how I create natural makeup from scratch. You can even host your own A.O.M Experience. My clients never have to worry about their favorite shade being discontinued, because each individual recipe is recorded and kept on a “face chart” for future purchases. I can match your favorite or discontinued commercial shade and create a natural, healthy mineral version of your product. With an A.O.M Experience, clients receive my services of: Skin Tone Assessment, Custom Blending, Color Matching, and Lip Service. In my line, I offer products that you would find in a commercial line such as liquid foundation, lip-gloss in a tube or pot, nail polish, hand pressed powder compacts and much more, but only using natural ingredients.
I also celebrated my 42nd birthday on January 26 2011 and I am looking forward to what the future holds. Ava is now 6 years old and I have another daughter Ania, who is 2. They love to watch me make my cosmetic items and they like to help me fill the gift bags and pack them for shipping. I thank my husband for being so supportive and giving me the opportunity to create a situation for myself where I do not have to go outside of the home to earn a living. I can care for my family and run a successful business right from home and work for myself.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How mineral makeup can be made by hand

Owner, CEO, Hand Crafter & Custom Blend Color Specialist Nicole C. Martinez of A.O.M Cosmetics, Inc. Makeup Created by Nature…..Crafted by Hand A.O.M Cosmetics, Inc. can show you how mineral makeup is created and produce fabulous mineral cosmetic products from mineral foundations to moisturizing color rich mineral lipsticks right before your eyes! She calls it the A.O.M Experience where she custom blends mineral makeup to match any skin tone and creates beautiful color palettes for her clients. Servicing the New York City area, you can book and A.O.M Experience and discover the healthy benefits of mineral makeup and the convenience of a custom blend. Recipes are recorded on “face charts” for recreation and future purchases. Get your perfect match, have a product created from scratch, or have a lipstick created to match your favorite dress or nail color! The possibilities are endless! Mineral makeup is made from micronized (made safe for use on the skin) mineral pigments from the earth.. Natural minerals give long lasting, lightweight coverage that allows your skin to breathe, unlike talc based products that can clog pores, damage and irritate the skin. Titanium Dioxide is the main mineral ingredient that is a natural sunscreen and promotes healing. My mineral foundation is 4 products in one natural sunscreen, powder, foundation, and concealer. My mineral makeup contains: Rice powder, Zinc Oxide, Iron Oxides, Kaolin Clay, Magnesium Stearate (derived from vegetables), and mica Powders so it is the safest and gentlest makeup for the skin and is wonderful for all skin types. My mineral makeup does not contain: Bismouth Oxychloride, talc, D&C and FD &C colorants, fillers, or parabens which have been a concern with long term use. My mineral makeup is actually good for the skin. To view my entire line of all natural mineral makeup, book your A.O.M Experience, Bridal or Prom services please visit my website at http://www.aomcosmetics.com/ or email me directly at nikicm@aomcosmetics.com